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As I sit and reflect on the past few days, and the first week of being a priest, I am greatly humbled by the events of the days. The power of the Spirit certainly was present in the Cathedral and in our beautiful home at Sacred Heart. Lying on the floor in the Cathedral I prayed for many and certainly, I offered many prayers for our parish family, as well as during the celebration of the Mass of Thanksgiving on the feast of Corpus Chris. It is unbelievable celebrating Mass and asking the Holy Spirit to change the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ.
It is so hard to believe that I have been greatly blessed by being with you this past year. I am so full of joy being with all of you. You have welcomed me as member of the parish family and have helped make my diaconate year leading to priesthood fruitful, blessed and enjoyable. Memories made at Sacred Heart will be with me forever. I also offer my sincerest thanks to our beloved pastor for the past three years, Fr. Joseph Klos for his welcoming, mentoring and guidance during this past year. He was in my mind, an excellent example of a priest. I grew greatly under his mentorship. As Bob Hope use to sing, “thanks for the memories,” and they have been awesome.  But, we always confidently know, “ll we meet again.”
I am so humbled by the outpouring of love. Thanks to all who have been praying and accompanying on my journey to priesthood this year. As I commented during the first Mass, I need your prayers more than ever, now that I am a priest. Thanks to those who were able to be there at that Mass. I hope you were as moved as I was during the celebration. My hope when I was planning the Mass was that there be a mix of  contemporary, traditional and little bit of  Polish blended in a way that we all felt like we were in Church and praised God.  My deepest, heartfelt thanks to you for your generous greetings, cards and gifts.
I would be remiss if I did not offer my thanks to the many folks who were working hard behind the scenes. I would love to say thanks each by name, but I would not want to forget any one person. THANKS, THANKS and more THANKS.  Thanks to Msgr. Zapfel for his support and welcoming. Thanks to the parish family, music ministry, lectors, servers, building and grounds committee, maintenance, the Altar and Rosary Society,  as well as the Special Events committee. I am thanking all for their work in preparing the beautifully cleaned church; for the beautifully pressed linens on the altar; the flowers in and out of the church; and all who worked so hard in preparing the beautiful reception after Mass. All the efforts that everyone put into making the weekend event beautiful and run  smoothly is a sign of a community of believers, a family. Never lose the family and community of believers that exists here. I am greatly impressed by the love and care that exists among the members of this parish family.
Know of  my continuing prayers for each of you and again, as I journey to accept my assignment at St. Gabriel’s, Elma, NY on June 21, 2016,  please continue to pray for me. My email is mkbrown3048@aol.com.


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