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It is very difficult to say for me, but for now I must say: good bye my dear parishoners! Good bye Bowmansville! Canonical law says that parish can’t be too long without residenting pastor. I am off the country for 5 moths. There is no way to enter US for me, due to Covid19. I called to many places and asked a few people for help, but for now it is impossible. Due to increase pandemic I don’t see that in near future something change. This is why Buffalo Diocese asked my polish bishop to take care me, and appoint me temporary to polish parish. I don’t want to leave my flock in America. Still I feel that I should be with You in this tough situation. I am grateful to you a lot for everything. I want to say thank You for your good and warm hearts. I had a good time with you. And as well I want to say: I am sorry – nobody is perfect. Please pray for me. I still want to serve as priest in America. There is still a hope that government will finally unlock country. God bless YOU ALL. Your Fr. Dom.

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