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Welcome My Dear Parishoners. This year is a special year, not due to Covid19, hornets and riots. It is good to remember that we have Centenial of Our Parish. We expected during Sacred Heart of Jesus celebration to have a splendor Mass with bishop, but… But we have epidemic, and we don’t have a bishop yet. Pastor is off the country, and we have permison for small number people capacity during a Mass. When our parish was founded (one hundred years ago) entire western world trembled before spanish flu. I don’t want know what will be in to 100 years?

Our parish is devoted for Jesus Heart. His heart was meek and humble. Our parish is like a school, where we can learn how to adorn our souls in spiritual way. We adore Jesus’ Heart and then He adorns our souls. Parish in Bowmansville is a place where we can experience God’s beauty in His Sacraments. Even if we can’t be personally on Holy Mass, we can express our grateful to God in our pray for this place of grace, Shrine in Bowmansville. This is a place where many people find existential relief, healing of body and soul, they can find answers for pivotal questions. This is a spot where many people every day can experience God’s presence; where they can find narrow path to holiness, salvation and Jesus.

May our Merciful God will be praised in Bowmansville during next thousand years. God bless You! Happy Centennial!

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