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A Reflection by Mike Denz
Director of New Evangelization
and Catechesis
If someone were to ask you, “Why are you Catholic?”
What would you say? Would you say, “I was raised that
way.” Well what if you were then asked, “Why are you still
Catholic? Would you have an answer? Would you be able to
explain why you follow two thousand years of traditions,
revelations and morals? Sure, Mom and Dad told you to believe,
but did you ever come to a point where you, separately
from everyone else, made the individual choice to believe…to
be Catholic?
The paths people follow into the Catholic Church are as
numerous as the number of people who are Catholic. Everyone
has their own unique story. Yet, believe it or not, there is
only one indispensable reason to be Catholic. Yes, people
will give many reasons, some good, some not so good. Nevertheless,
without this one reason, no other reasons matter.
When we get to the very heart of the matter, there is only one
reason to be a member of the Catholic Church. All other reasons
depend on this one reason.
The one, all powerful, all knowing, all loving God who is
truth, beauty and goodness, is three divine persons in one
divine nature – the Blessed Trinity – Father, Son and Holy
Spirit. God the Son, with all His divine nature intact, took on
a human nature, with a human body and a human soul. God
became a man: Jesus Christ.
Jesus came to teach us about who God is and what God
wants from us and for us. Jesus spent the last three years of
His life teaching. He specifically spent a great deal of time
giving special teaching to twelve apostles. He even promised
them that after He was gone, the Holy Spirit would continue
to teach them. He did this because Jesus did not want His
teaching to stop with those who heard him while He walked
the earth. Jesus wanted the Twelve to pass on these teachings,
and ordain others to continue passing down the teachings.
He called this His Church. He made one of them, Peter,
the leader and gave him a special gift. Peter, and all his
successors, would make sure that the Church would never
error in passing on the truths Jesus taught.
The Son of God did not became man just to teach us, however.
He also came to save us from our sins. Jesus offered
His life as a sacrifice for us, so that our sins would be washed
away and we could live forever with God in Heaven, if we so
choose. Jesus also gave the Twelve the power to dispense the
graces that came from His death on the Cross. They did this,
and their successors (bishops, priests and deacons) continue
to do this, through the Seven Sacraments.
Jesus founded a Church. He made sure it would always
pass on His teachings faithfully, without error. His church
would dispense saving graces until the end of time. Jesus,
who is God, created the Catholic Church for us. Simply, God
founded the Catholic Church. That is the one reason, the one
indispensable reason to be Catholic.
God bless, Mike Denz

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