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Mother of Divine Grace Prayer Cenacle


The prayer cenacle at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish is known as:

Mother of Divine Grace

It is one of many prayer cenacles in the area.


We meet every Monday at 10:00 am, in the parish center.

First we set a statue of Our Lady of Fatima in a place of Honor.

We then begin with the opening song to the Holy Spirit, followed by prayers in the Cenacle Guide book:

  1. Invocation of the Holy Spirit
  2. The Rosary … meditations in the guide booklet.
  3. Prayers after the rosary
  4. Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  5. Prayers for the Pope
  6. Reading and Meditation on a message from the book, “TO THE PRIESTS Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”
  7. Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  8. Closing Marian Song also in guide booklet

This is usually completed by 11:00 am

Fraternal sharing is brief as Our Lady says, we can know each other, help each other, and love one another as brothers brought together by her. This atmosphere of prayer, enables us to strengthen and encourage one another precisely so that we may go forward in our consecration.

Note: This time must never digress into a discussion of other topics, apparitions, messages or devotions which could impede Our Lady’s work in the souls of those joining us. It is the request of our Blessed Mother that the cenacles remain pure in spirit, therefore we must respect the structure which has been laid for the cenacle.

New Members are always welcome!

Are you interested in praying for the Pope?
The Magisterium?
All priests?
Then come and check us out…we meet every Monday at 10:am in the parish center room 3.
Or you may call Claudette Backes 716-683-3124

Prayers from the heart are the most powerful.
Prayers prayed together in a group are multiplied by the number of people praying together.
Our world needs our prayers.

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