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My friends, how do I even begin to express everything that I am thinking, or feeling at this time.

These past three years have gone by so quickly, and have been so fulfilling for me, and for the Parish. Look at what we have done: remodeled our Sanctuary, build a new main Altar, painted our Church, upgraded our outdoor worship area, built strong youth programs, enhanced the teaching of our children in our Catholic faith, welcomed with open arms all children into the Church for the celebration of Mass, refined our special liturgical celebrations, developed a bereavement ministry, enhanced our music ministries, strengthened our Societies and our Committees and beautified our grounds. We have added to the number of faithful who attend this Parish of faith.

And, best of all, we have done this all together! Through God’s loving grace and guidance, we have built a strong Parish Community.

My heart is not only broken at having to leave you now, my heart is also proud of what we have built together. Yes, we have accomplished many things in three years and even more importantly we have built a community of trust and of love.  I ask you to please continue to build on this foundation of true Christian spirit.

I will be going into the hospital in Poland to undergo evaluation and testing. I trust and pray that God will allow me to be healed and to return to you someday soon, so that we can continue our journey of faith together.

My friends, please pray for me, and know that I am praying for you. And may God continue to bless you, you families, and our beloved Parish.

Father Joe

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