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One God in Trinity and Trinity in Unity:

“The View at the Top of the Mountain”

Once, there was a story of a priest who went into a second grade classroom of the parish school and asked, “Who can tell me what the Blessed Trinity means? A little girl lisped, “The Blethed Twinity meanth there were thwee perthont in one God.” The priest, taken aback by the lisp, said, “Would you please say that again? I don’t understand what you said.” The little girl answered, “You’re not suppothed to underthand; it’th a mythtewy.”

Today we celebrate the unity and the love that exists between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Very often, people will argue whether it is better to live on a mountain or in a valley. Most cities are built in valleys because of the better conveniences like transportation, milder weather, and easier access. Whereas, mountain dwellers will often point to crisper air, less pollution, and an expansive view. Throughout the gospels, there were various mountains to which Jesus took his disciples. There is the “Mountain of Temptation”; the “Mountain of Prayer”; the “Mountain of Healing” and the Mountain of the Transfiguration.” Today, as we celebrate the Holy Trinity, Jesus calls us to the mountain of the love between the Father and the Son, which is expressed and manifested in the gift and power of the Holy Spirit. In so doing, he calls us to make disciples of all nations.

Since we are all children of God, we should live and act as worthy brothers and sisters of Jesus, children of God the Father, and co-workers with the Holy Spirit. There is a profound truth in that statement, but our understanding of the mystery should mature with the rest of our growth. Jesus revealed that God has three persons; one God, but one God who is never solitary; one God whose three persons are in constant dialogue with one another; one God whose three persons show that God is love. Trinity Sunday doesn’t only celebrate who God is in Himself, but what His threefold nature means for human beings.

Our Heavenly Father sometimes may seem far away; yet Jesus has made God the Father visible to us. Moreover, very often, Jesus can also seem so “long ago”, but the Holy Spirit lives and moves among us now to make us all one in Christ. In both heat and cold, on the mountain, in the valley or on the shore, may we continue to meditate deeply about our Triune God and get to know him better. May we also reflect in our community, our families and in our parish the love and the unity we find there. For it is true, that we have come together today in the name of the Trinity, and in the name of the Trinity we shall go forth to love and to serve one another.

My sisters and brothers in Christ, God is active in the world… The Father has sought us… Jesus Christ the Son has bought us… and the Holy Spirit has taught us.

May the protection of God the Father be upon you, may the protection of God the Son be upon you, may the protection of God the Holy Spirit be upon you every night and every day, to surround and to aid you each day of your lives……+JMJ……………Fr. Bob!!!

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