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Dr. Scott Hahn, a premiere Biblical theologian, was speaking to a small group of people about the importance of studying Scripture.  He mentioned how he is often met with the following objection people have about the importance of learning Scripture:

“If the poor peasant from the 15th century, who didn’t have a Bible and couldn’t read, but with a simple faith loved God and prayed everyday, then he was holy and went to Heaven.  If that’s true, then why do I have to be a theologian and study Scripture.  I can have a simple faith, pray and love God just like the peasant and I’ll go to Heaven too.”

I had heard similar objections before.  But Dr. Hahn’s answer was new… and brilliant.  Dr. Hahn responded,

“I would imagine that if we were to ask the poor peasant from the 15th century what he thought, he would respond, ‘Do you mean you know how to read, and you can purchase a Holy Bible all your own, and read from the Sacred Word of God whenever you want?  And you are using ME as an excuse not to do this?'”

Those who are unable to do something good because of circumstances beyond their control are no excuse for those of us who are able to do the same good thing.  Our faith is a relationship with the God made man… Jesus.  This is the most important relationship we will ever have.  There is nothing we should not do to be closer to Him.

Learning about Jesus, His teachings and His Church is a very important way to grow closer to Jesus.  I am not talking about just morals; what is right and wrong.  Learn ABOUT Jesus, learn about the sacraments you yourself have received, learn why Jesus founded a Church, about the saints and things like why we go to Mass every Sunday.  Take advantage of the materials on Formed, which is free for all parishioners of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish.  Check out the learning opportunities on our parish website as well, just look under “Adult Catechesis”.

Be a good friend and disciple of Jesus and learn.


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