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On several occasions Jesus would talk about His disciples producing fruit.  He tells us in chapter 15 of St. John’s Gospel that He is the vine and we are the branches.  If we abide in Him, just as a branch abides in the life-giving vine, we will bear much fruit.

What does Jesus mean by fruit?

A tree takes water and nutrients from the ground and the light of the sun to grow.  When the tree is ready its branches produce fruit.  Why, so that animals will take the fruit, be nourished by it and spread the goodness of the tree’s fruit across the land.  After the fruit is eaten the seeds from the fruit grow into a new tree.  The fruit is not for the tree.  The tree does not eat its own fruit or in any way benefit from it.  The tree provides the fruit for others.  And in seeing the goodness of the fruit, people plant the seeds so that others may enjoy the good fruit.

We also need the light of the Son to grow.  We cannot produce anything good without the Son.  We then take what the Son give us and share that love with others.  That is out fruit – love.  It is not for us, bur for others.  When others see how good the love of God is when shared by others, seeds are planted in their hearts.  With help from the Son, they too will grow in love and share God’s love with others.

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