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Sometimes we think we know someone real well, and then that person asks us, “Without looking, what color are my eyes?” and we have no idea!

While it’s not necessarily true that we need to know the color of someones eyes to know them well, there is a reason for this question beyond the fun of catching someone unaware.  If you are really interested in getting to know someone, you notice things about them.  And when you talk to them you look them in the eye.

How well do you know Jesus?  How much time do you spend with Him?  For example, how often do you pray by just sitting quietly and thinking about Jesus?  How much time do you spend reading the Bible?  How much time do you spend reading other Catholic books?  How much time do you spend listening to Catholic radio?  How much time do you spend in Eucharistic Adoration?

“But I don’t have time for any of that”, you might say.  This is usually because we spend too much time with other gods.

“What!?!” you say, “I don’t have other gods!”  Are you sure?  Let’s check…

Top 10 other gods people don’t realize they have

  1. TV – Do you watch more that 2 hours of TV each day?  Do you binge watch entire seasons of one show for hours on the weekend?
  2. Cell Phones – How many times every waking hour do you check your phone for texts, missed calls, social media, news updates and games you play?  Some of this is necessary for family and work, but do you really need to be as attached to your cell phone as you are?
  3. Work – How many hours a week do you work at your job?  60? 80? 90?  Do you need to work that much to support you and your family, or are you addicted to the work and the extra money it provides?
  4. Stuff – Do you spend 2 or more hours a day with your collections, your car, your garden, your workshop and so on?
  5. Computer – Do you spend 2 or more hours on the computer at home doing non work related things?
  6. Social activities – How much time do you spend doing social activities like clubs, going out for coffee, playing sports, visiting friends, talking on the phone or going to parties?  More that 5 hours a week?  More than 10?
  7. Exercise – how much time do you spend exercising each day?  More that one?  More that 2?
  8. Sports – how much time do you spend on sports each week?  Watching sports, playing sports, reading the sports page, managing your fantasy league, sports websites?  Is it more that 10?
  9. Games – How much time to you spend playing games?  Games consoles, games on your phone and iPad, card games, board games.  More that one hour a day?  Two hours?
  10. Music – how much time do you spend listing to music?  Do you often have earbuds in your ears?  More that 2 hours a day?

None of the ten things listed above are sinful.  But if not done in moderation, they can become things we put before God; they become gods to us.  It is a sin not to put God first.  We may even be trying to fill our need for God with these things.  That never works.

If you find yourself being described in one or more of the items above, could you cut down on the time spent on them so you can spend more time with God?  Are any of these things more important that spending time with God?  Even just 15 or 30 minutes less of something else each day, and that time spend with Jesus each day instead, can change your life in amazing ways you never imagined.

Give it a try.  Jesus is waiting for you. He loves you and wants to spend more time with you.  Maybe you’ll find out what color eyes He has.

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