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Holy Communion is the most precious thing Jesus left us, because Holy Communion IS Jesus.  Here are a few good things to remember about Holy Communion…

  1. The bread and the wine (mixed with water) transform into the body, blood soul and divinity of Jesus Christ during the Mass prayers which take place after the “Holy, Holy, Holy and before the “Mystery of Faith”. This is called the consecration, after which the substance of bread and wine no longer exist, but only Jesus.
  2. Even the smallest particle of the host or the tiniest drop of the precious blood contain the entire body, blood soul and divinity of Jesus. Christ does not become divided when Communion is broken into pieces and you don’t receive more of Jesus if you consume a larger portion of the host or blood.
  3. The name “Holy Communion” refers to the communion we have with Jesus and each other when we receive Communion together at Mass. “Eucharist” means “thanksgiving”.  The “Blessed Sacrament” refers to the fact that this is the source and summit of all the other sacraments.
  4. When you go up to receive Holy Communion you should make a sign of reverence before Jesus. This can be done when one or two people are still ahead of you in line.  You can either genuflect or bow at the waist.  If it is physically difficult for you to do either of those things you can make the sign of the cross.
  5. When we hear the minister of the Eucharist say, “The Body of Christ” we respond “Amen” as an acknowledgement that we believe that this is the Body of Christ, but that we accept all of Jesus, not just the parts of Jesus we like or are comfortable with.
  6. Reception of Holy Communion is not just about receiving Jesus and going on our way. The Blessed Sacrament must be put to use.  This is done by opening ourselves to loving one another.  By giving of ourselves to those around us, especially our family.  Love is sacrificing our time and the things we would rather have, or the things we would rather do, so that those around us can have the things they need, or do the things they need to do.  It is through choosing love that the power of the Eucharist is accepted by our soul and we grow in holiness.
  7. We should prepare for the reception of Holy Communion by actively participating in the Mass, offering yourself to God just as Jesus is offering Himself to you, and fasting for at least one hour from food and drink (except for water and medicine) before reception.

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