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Catholic Quiz Answers


The correct answers are in bold print,



1. Jesus Christ is…

A human person
The Son of God
The Third Person of the Trinity
All of the above


2. The First Book of the Old Testament is…



3. For a Sin to be mortal, there has to be…

Grave Matter
Full Knowledge
Full Consent
All of the Above


4. Jesus returned to Heaven 40 days after Easter. What do we call this?

The Resurrection
The Assumption
The Ascension
The Final Judgement


5. What does the Sacrament of Baptism NOT do?

Forgives all sins
Makes you a child of God
Gives you a guardian angel
Gives you sanctifying grace


6. The beginning of the Hail Mary prayer is from which Gospel?



7. Which is not true about God?

God is limited
God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit
God is Love
God is all powerful


8. Which is not a reason Jesus became human?

To die for our sins
To inspire the Old Testament
To To teach us about God
To create the Church


9. The Eucharist is…

The perfect symbol of Jesus
The presence of Jesus during Mass
Blessed Bread and wine
The Body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus


10. During Mass the “Lamb of God” prayer takes place when?

While the priest breaks up the host
Before the Our Father is prayed
After the Creed is recited
During Communion


11. What takes place first during the Sacrament of Confession?

Prayer of the Faithful
Act of Contrition


12. Purgatory is…

The place a soul goes after death when it has imperfections it needs purified.
A place of suffering the Church no longer teaches is real.
The place a soul goes before it enters Hell.
The last rite of passage one goes through before death.


13. What does it mean to say the Bible is inerrant?

When it teaches about salvation, the Bible has no error.
When it teaches about morals, the Bible has no error.
When it teaches about history, the Bible has no error.
Whenever the sacred authors of Scripture affirm something to be true, the Bible has no error.


14. Which Apostle shared his name with another Apostle?

All of the above


15. Which best completes this sentence: The pope can not teach error in matters of…

Divine Revelation
Faith and Morals
Salvation History


16. What happens at every Mass?

A – Heaven is made present
B – Jesus is assumed into Heaven
C – The Passion and Death of Jesus is made present
A and C


17. How does a soul end up in Hell?

Same way it ends up in Heaven – it chooses to go there.
God sends it there for their sins.
A soul can’t go to Hell.
None of the above.


18. When we pray to a saint in Heaven, we are…

Asking the saint to perform a miracle.
Asking the saint to grant us a special grace.
Asking the saint to pray for us.
Asking the saint to make us holy.


19. During the Season of Christmas, what color does the priest where during Mass?



20. Jesus gave the Church the power to…

Teach faith and morals without error
Dispense the Sacraments
Govern God’s people
All of the above.


21. The Immaculate Conception refers to what?

John the Baptist’s birth
The conception of Jesus without a human father
The conception of Mary without original sin.


22. What is a doctrine of the Church?

A teaching about the Bible
A teaching from a Doctor of the Church
A teaching on morals
A teaching that all the Faithful must believe


23. What is a couple promising to do in the Sacrament of Marriage?

That they will be faithful to each other forever
That they will accept children and raise them in the Faith
That they will go to Mass together every Sunday
None of the above


24. A Catholic priest is able to…

Celebrate Mass
Forgive sins in the Sacrament of Confession
Give someone the Anointing of the Sick
All of the above


25. Which of the following is true of the Blessed Mother?

She never committed a sin
She was never married
She was conceived of the Holy Spirit
She died before Jesus was crucified

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