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We at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church and Shrine have our Parish Goal at $42,500 for this year.  We currently are at $34,801 or about 81% of our Parish Goal. The current total donated has been provided by only about one third  of our potential donors.   We are grateful to all those who have donated so far.  The campaign this year goes on until June 30th.

If you did NOT receive your normal annual mail solicitation, please contact the Rectory at 683-2375 and a donation card will be made available to you.

2018 Appeal Week for Catholic Charities is over but the Appeal continues to June 30th.

IMPORTANT!  If you or any other potential donors, friends, or family have questions, the Catholic Charities administration can assure you and them that contributions to the Appeal continue to our programs and services and will NEVER fund any settlements by the diocese.

In addition, one of the important ministries of Catholic Charities is to counsel and assist individuals who recently or in the past have experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

For updates and more information about this year’s Appeal, click on the Stewardship link on our Home Page and select the Catholic Charities page.

Thank You!

Dennis & Christine Kessler

Parish Chairs

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