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Fr. Lukasz will Bless Baskets on Holy Saturday, April 3rd                                      at   11: 00 a.m. 

Blessing of Easter Baskets (All food should be covered and sealed in baskets, Covid safety protocol- masks and distancing necessary.)

The traditional foods all have a symbolic meaning which is briefly summarized as follows:           

Pascha or Paska: The Easter bread – a sweet, rich egg bread decorated with braids, crosses, or plaits looking like a crown. It is usually round and is symbolic of Christ who is our true Bread of Life.

Ham: This meat is popular for its richness and symbolic of the great joy and abundance of Easter. Some people may also have lamb or veal.
Hrudka or Sirets (egg cheese): This is a custard-type cheese made from eggs and shaped into a ball. It is mild and usually sweet, representing the moderation that Christians should have in all things.
Sausages and Kolbasi: These sausages are spicy and garlic-seasoned, are usually of pork, and indicative of God’s favor and generosity.
Butter: This favorite dairy product is often shaped into a lamb or is decorated with a cross. It reminds us of the goodness of Christ that we should have toward all things.
Eggs: Hard-boiled eggs are brightly decorated with many symbols, like triple-bar crosses, suns, stars, flowers, birds of water motifs. Elaborately decorated eggs or pysanky have been an artistic expression of the season due to the intricacies of the designs and the number of colors used. An egg dyed a single color (traditionally red dye) is called krashanky. Eggs are symbolic of new life and resurrection. We have pysanky classes following Sunday’s 10 a.m. Divine Liturgies through Palm Sunday.
Horseradish (Chrin): Horseradish is usually mixed with grated red beets, symbolic of the Passion of Christ, but sweetened with some sugar because of the Resurrection. This bitter-sweet mixture represents the sufferings of Christ.
Bacon: A piece of uncooked bacon is cured with spices. It is symbolic of the overabundance of God’s mercy to us.
Salt: This condiment enhances flavor reminding the Christian of his duty to others.
The articles are placed in a WICKER basket, and a ribbon or bow is tied to the handle. A DECORATED CANDLE is placed in the basket and lit at the time of blessing.
A LINEN COVER, normally quite intricately embroidered with various Resurrection themes and symbols of Christ, or simply an intricate multi-colored border and the words “CHRISTOS VOSKRES” OR “CHRIST IS RISEN” (depending on which language is more appealing to you) is placed over the food when it is brought to the church.
It is customary to break one’s Easter Fast with foods blessed at this time and only then proceeding to the foods now ready on groaning tables; foods which have been in process of preparation for the past three days. https://saindy.com/…/how-to-prepare-an-easter-basket.pdf
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