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The Spiritual Importance of Honeybees This week we were blessed to receive a swarm of Italian Honey Bees in our cemetery. They landed on the tree right in front of our cross. This is a blessing for our parish.✝ A beekeeper was called in to remove this swarm for the...
Welcome New Parishioners

Welcome New Parishioners

Welcome New Parishioners We would like to welcome some of our newly registered members to our Sacred Heart of Jesus parish family. Jeanette Schwartz, Mary Dietrich, Emily Guerra, Jason Buckwater, Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Russo and...

Congratulations to the following children that received their First Communion, May 2, 2021. We pray that they will continue to feel God’s light, God’s warmth, and God’s love within.
Cole Abell, Carter Burke, Hildy Dickinson, Jacob Herbeck,
Angelina Krajacic, Jack Lounsbury, Conner McCreary,
Aiden Syrocznski, and Brooke Syrocznski

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