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Thank you all for the warm welcome last weekend! In case you missed the announcement, in addition to my duties at Our Lady of Pompeii, I am the temporary administrator here at Sacred Heart.

I am assigned here part-time until the Priest Personnel Board finds a great new fit for this beautiful community. I’d like to invite you to prayerfully await your new administrator by praying an Our Father, Hail Mary, or Glory Be prayer each day. You can set an alarm to remind yourself. My suggestion is to unite in prayer at 6:11 pm, as the Feast of the Sacred Heart in 2021 will be June 11 (6/11).

I should mention that I previously scheduled time away at the end of August and beginning of September. Even though you won’t see me around during that time, be assured of my 6:11 pm prayers for the community!

In this Sunday’s gospel, we hear about a Canaanite woman who approaches Jesus to beg him to heal her daughter. There are three things I find beautiful about this passage. One – The persistence of this woman, asking Jesus for help multiple times. Two – her faith. She calls out to Jesus for help knowing that He has the power to perform miracles, and she needs one. Three – the way that, even after Jesus told her He came for the chosen people of Israel, Jesus chooses to heal her daughter. I think there is a beautiful connection or friendship made at that moment. Not just between Jesus and this woman, but a new unified understanding that we are all God’s chosen people.

Let’s pray for the grace to have the persistence and faith of the Canaanite woman, and for unity where there is  division in our Church and our world.

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